Our Services


Offset printing is a printing service we do which uses the Heidelberg offset printing machine for printing products that requires high volume printing!

Our 18 years of experience in this field allows us to be proficient in operating the printing machine to produce the printing products in an efficient, good and fast manner. The price that we offer is also more competitive than other companies.This can be achieved because we have a team of experienced printing operator that are able to use the machine skillfully.

The products that uses offset printing includes Brochure, Leafleat, Poster, Greeting card, Playing Card, Calendar, Shopping Bag, Product Catalog, Gift Paper, Magazine and Bulletin, Annual Report, Company Profile and Sales Kit.


This forms a special category of printing which is a sub category orienting around Offset Printing.

Our 18 years of experience in packaging services allows us to implement innovation in every solutions we provide to our customers.

The price that we offer is also more competitive than other companies. Our clients varies and includes companies that are from various industries such as Electronics, Consumer Goods, Pharmacy, Fashion, Textile, Cosmetic, Gallery Spare parts for car and motors.

We know how important it is for packaging to accompany the process of selling of your products as it will create the brand image. For that, every packaging that we produce is customized to your needs in terms of the materials, dimensions and colors. Our attention to detail is unparalleled!

The products in this category includes Outer Box, Inner Box, Gift Box, Display Box, Hard Cover, General Packaging, Hanger and Label. All of this services includes the planning of the concept to design to process and the finishing of the product.